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Since 1979, DSC has built a reputation providing reliable, easy to use Property Management Systems for Midsize hotels and resorts across Canada and the US – join us again on Azure!

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Quick Access
Quick Access

DSC Systems are accessible from anywhere, on any device, through the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


DSC's unique MS Server operating system provides speed and reliability from any location with Wifi.

Easy Integration
Easy Integration

No new hardware is required and interfaces can be provided for virtually all third party systems available.

Keep it Simple

DSC design focus maximizes simplicity and efficiency in all areas of the system. Standard Microsoft menus ensure familiarity and concise layouts reduce training time.

DSC’s effective design improves service with important functions streamlined, such as reservations, check-ins, checkouts and group handling. DSC Software is well known for providing the most efficient and cost effective solution.


Security Simplicity Easiness

Learn the basics in minutes

DSC is designed so anyone can use it quickly – hiring challenges and time constraints can reduce service levels – DSC’s simplicity provides faster training with quicker check-ins, check-outs,  group handling and more.

Accounting is a breeze

  • DSC audit takes minutes and follows the standard 24 hour accounting period process. All postings are summarized, room and taxes posted and reports run automatically.

  • Strong transaction accounting principles eliminate errors and employee theft. 

We are Better Here is Why…

DSC has been providing the highest quality systems for over 45 years -Government, Military, Top level hotel chains have all been a part of DSC's History.

Friendly Interface
Friendly Interface
Extremely Flexible
Extremely Flexible
Strong Encryption
Strong Encryption

Keep your support company close

  • DSC has been based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada since it’s inception in 1979 – local procedures, taxes, and changes to  government policies are quickly incorporated into updates. 

  • Onsite visits are scheduled with all customers to see first hand how operations may require new features or changes. Talking to the staff, working an audit, to see how we can help improve efficiencies.

DSC Hotel Software Products

No collection of user data. No Ads

The Microsoft Azure Cloud hosts separate DSC Virtual Servers for each application running your DSC System – Data Centers around the world provide instant backup and restore capabilities, as well as unparalleled response time and security. Work from home, while travelling, anywhere, on any device. 

Discover powerful features to boost your productivity

More than 5,000 users around the world have used DSC Systems

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Can I see DSC in action before purchasing?

DSC can connect you to a live server to allow your staff the opportunity to use an actual system. Contact us to arrange a Google Meet demo.  

What are the requirements for using DSC?

DSC Customers have told us the speed and efficiency of DSC software saves hours and reduces costs. Labour is the highest cost in a hotel; reducing training time, check-in time and many of the daily tasks in running a hotel is crucial and one of the DSC Hotel System’s greatest benefits. Designed by Hotel Managers, DSC Software continues as a leader in highly efficient solutions at affordable prices.  

Can I use DSC on different devices?

DSC Software operates on virtually all Windows or Apple devices. Windows 7 to Windows 11 is supported.

Do you have a free trial?

DSC offers trial servers to setup your system in advance and allow staff to use the system. Your Hotel setups can be duplicated to provide a realistic trial.

How does DSC handle my privacy?

Each client has a unique cloud server, not shared with anyone. Your account with Microsoft includes security and control of all data. Nothing is sold or used for marketing reasons. Your system is completely private and isolated from online threats.

Is there 7 day 24 hour support?

It is important to us that your system runs well – we offer 24 hour Vancouver based support and manage all of your systems, backups and interfaces for you. Our team includes former hotel staff experienced with hotel operations.